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Fire, Smoke & Security Doorset Solutions

One stamp Many approvals

1st to attain Q Mark accreditation for Smoke

One stamp Many approvals

1st fire doorsets to attain Q Marks for Fire, Smoke & Security

One stamp Many approvals

Thank you for your interest in our free fire doorset training. We offer three levels of training which can be tailored to meet your requirements including writing your fire doorset specification:


Overview of the Golden Thread for fire doorsets covers the requirements for a compliant doorset throughout its lifecycle. The training covers five key stages in the lifecycle from design & testing, specification, manufacture, survey & installation, through to inspection & maintenance. Training is suitable for those wishing a clear understanding of what is required at each of the five stages and how they are draw together to form the Golden Thread.


Fire doorset Legislation - the next level of data for those needing a detailed understanding of the changes made to legislation for fire doorset standards in the past few years. Includes latest legislation and guidance, testing requirements for 3 critical fire doorset performances of Fire, Smoke & Security, plus 3rd Party auditing.


Expert Q&A – If you require further information on legislation & guidance, support in generating your specification or further advice on compliance a Q&A can be arrange with one of our fire doorset team.

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Introducing our Fire, Smoke & Security doorset training

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Fire, Smoke & Security

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