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AV2 & Fireframe®

FD30 Composite Fire Doorset Solutions

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One Stamp Many Approvals

Fire, Smoke & Security Compliant….

Fully tested to consistently prove performance to ensure compliance with all requirements of MHCLG, BS EN 1634 for Fire resistance and Smoke control, PAS 24 enhanced security and third party certified and audited for fire, smoke and security by Q Mark. Providing both specifiers and fabricators the assurance required when specifying and manufacturing Fire Doors.

The largest evidence bank of compliant fire doorset solutions

With our fabricators, we have the largest evidence bank of compliant solutions for composite fire doorsets, all independently audited by BM Trada as part of their Q-Mark scheme. Any change or addition to our specification is tested across different door constructions and audited by BM Trada prior to being issued. This not only ensures our test evidence is always compliant, but always expanding to provide the most comprehensive range of options for all your project requirements.